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49er Mobile ID

ID functionality on mobile phones used for door access and campus payment.


Duo provides a second factor of authentication beyond username and password used with NinerNET and with Single Sign On logins.

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Grouper is a service that allows the campus community to create and manage groups that can be reused in multiple tools and applications.

Portal used by Students, Faculty, and Staff to access many University services including Gmail, Banner Self Service, and Canvas.

NinerNET Account

NinerNET accounts provide access to computers and University computing systems and services. Every faculty, staff and student gets a NinerNET account.

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Policies & IT Security

Information related to IT Policies and Security.

Single Sign On (SSO)

OneIT provided standard that utilizes the Shibboleth Identity Provider software in order to facilitate a unified (single sign-on) experience for web based authentication.

Sponsored Guest Accounts

NinerNET accounts provided to affiliates and guest at the University.


Service offered to allow a secure private connection to the University's network from remote locations.

Working Remotely

Most teaching, learning, and research can take place from on or off campus. Some systems and software may be limited to university devices or while connected to VPN.