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Central Web Service

Service offered by OneIT for the central web service hosting.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage provides content such as digital images, videos, announcements, and campus alert notifications. Appspace is the enterprise system used on campus.


Service provided by OneIT that offers file hosting and cloud storage through Dropbox. Dropbox for Business accounts are automatically provided to faculty and staff.

File Storage

File storage services offered on campus include various cloud and local network options.

Google Workspace

Google services available include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups, & Chat.

Personal Web Pages

Service offered by OneIT that provides personal websites which are used for academic or personal purposes.

Phone Services

Information related to telephony services available.

Web Conferencing

The University offers two web conferencing options: Zoom and Google Meet

Other Communication & Collaboration Tools

Information related to the use of tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.