Topics: 49er Mart, Banner Finance tips & techniques, Kronos Timekeeping, PATH, Web Time Entry

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49er Mart

eProcurement system
Topics: access supplier instructions, correct over receiving, make returns

Banner Finance Module Tips and Techniques

Topics: access request, module navigation, endowment and general accounting reporting


Travel and expense system implementation is in progress. Available for faculty and staff in fall 2024.

Kronos Timekeeping System

Timekeeping system for permanent non-student employees.
Topics: training, how employees can submit, cancel or modify time off requests, identifying a supervisor proxy

PATH System

Database of financial roles and processes managed by departments. Access role lists, enter role assignments, and set up interim and temp assignments.

Sprintax Calculus

Online platform for international students, faculty, and staff to determine residency status, review tax treaty eligibility, and generate tax forms.

Web Time Entry (WTE)

A time entry system for student employment coordinators and others responsible for student and non-student temporary employees.