What exactly is happening with this change to Zoom Phone?

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Zoom will become our telephone carrier and provider. That means your university phone number will need to be moved/ported from the current carrier to Zoom, AND you will get a new Phone tab on your Zoom client for phone service.  

We are adopting a softphone-first mindset to maximize Zoom phone capability. Softphone means that you will use a Zoom app on either your computer or mobile device in lieu of a physical desk phone. Continued use of individual or department physical desk phones must be approved before the migration date to ensure any approved desk phones are reconfigured properly to work with Zoom Phone. See the Are we allowed to keep our physical desk phones FAQ page for more information.

Important dates to remember:

September 29, 2023 extended to October 6, 2023: Desk phone request due; International calling request due
October 2023: Physical desk phone requests reviewed by divisions
December 15, 2023: Recommended deadline to download voicemails from your old CISCO voicemail inbox
December 19, 2023: Migration for the majority of the Campus Community
January 2024: Physical Desk Phone Collection for all desk phones except those requests that divisions approved in October

February 2024: Advisor, Analog Phone, and final migration of remaining lines


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