What is a UNC Charlotte Google Group (name-group@charlotte.edu)?


Use Google Groups to simplify messaging, scheduling and collaboration. A Google Group is like a personal Gmail Contact group but easier to use by more people.

  1. There are 2 types of Google Groups
    a. Normal - groups created by request, membership maintained manually
    b. Dynamic - membership maintained by Banner data
            i. dynamic groups are available for all departments
           ii. A few large dynamic groups are also available for use by key people to send to all faculty, staff or students
    2. A Google Group contains members that share a common interest e.g. classmates, project teams, or study groups
           a. Emails can be sent to a Google Group
           b. Google Drive files or Shared drives can be shared with a Google Group
           c. A Google Group can be invited to meetings in Google Calendar
           d. A Google Group can be used for discussion forums arranged by topics
           e. A Google Group can have a collaborative inbox set up

3. Each Google Group has a unique e-mail address and contains -group in the username (e.g.,username-group@charlotte.edu)
4. See this FAQ to learn about logging into a Google Group
5. See this FAQ to request a Google Group

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