What settings should I review first when I get a new UNC Charlotte Google Group?


  1. See this Google Group Help for more information from Google.
  2. Below are the settings that address core Google Group functionality. Google Group settings are accessed from the main Group page.

    You must have the Manager role to view and change Google Group settings.

    When in a Google Group, click Group settings in the left menu to access settings
    Google Group Settings
    Click Advanced in the upper right corner to view more Group settings
    Group Advanced settings toggle

    1. General
      i. Allow external members
      ii. Who can post
      iii. Who can view members 
    2. Member privacy
      i. Who can contact group owners
      ii. Who can view member email addresses
    3. Posting policies
      i. Allow Email Posting
      ii. Allow web posting - NOTE:  If Group is composed of internal members only, web posting will not work and is not recommended
    4. Email options
      i. Subject prefix:  text that will be added to the subject in email sent from Group
      ii. Post replies to options
    5. Member moderation
      1. i. Who can manage members
      2. ii. Custom roles


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