How do I complete Title IX Employee Training?

All faculty and permanent employees are automatically assigned "Niners Know" Title IX Employee training in the Learning and Development Portal.  Employees will receive an email when the training is assigned and will have 45 days to complete the training. 

There are three ways to access "Niners Know" Title IX training:

  1. Faculty & staff can access the training by clicking the link in the email they receive when the training is assigned.  Follow the step 3. instructions below to launch the training.          Niners Know"
  2.  Or faculty & staff can go directly to "Niners Know" Title IX training for employees by using this link.
  3. Or access the training in the Learning and Development Portal      
Learning & Development Portal

Click on the Assigned Training button


A list of assigned trainings will be displayed.  Click Launch to the right of the Title IX Employee Training title

Launching the course may be stopped by browser pop-up blocking.
Pop-up Blocked

Clicking the "here" link on the page will launch the training.
Link to launch training

NEED HELP  If you have any questions or require assistance accessing the training, please contact  Click here to log into the Learning and Development Portal.  

Any questions related to the training content and related resources may be directed to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX at or by calling 704.687.6130. 


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