How do I take Security Awareness training again (SAT) or review the training?

Security Awareness Training (SAT) is located in the Learning and Development Portal. Once a learner has completed the SAT, the training record will be located on the Completed tab of their Learning Transcript. If a learner wishes to review the completed SAT training, they will need to go to their Completed Learning Transcript and open the curriculum.  See the SAT Review section below.

If the learner needs to register and complete the training again for the new calendar year, see the Complete SAT Training Again section at the end of this page.  Completing the training again will update the learner’s test score and completion date. 

SAT Review 

  1. Go to the Learning and Development Portal
  2. Go to your Learning Transcript
  3. Use the drop-down arrow to go to the Completed tab 
  4. Locate the Security Awareness Training
  5. The completed Security Awareness Training will appear on your screen and Curriculum Progress will show 100%
  6. Click on Open Curriculum
  7. A pop out window will appear 
  8. Click on the word Launch to take or review any of the SAT modules again
  9. Click on the arrow within the module to begin or review the training
  10. Your score will not be replaced and the small green check mark will remain from your previous completion.


Complete SAT Training Again 

  1. Go to the Learning and Development Portal
  2. Locate the Search box at the top right of the screen in the Learning & Development Portal
  3. Enter Security Awareness Training
  4. Click on Security Awareness Training after the drop-down menu appears
    select Security Awareness Training
  5. Click on Register.
    Register button
  6. A pop out window will appear
    Request button is after the You have already completed the training notice
  7. Click on the word Request to complete SAT modules again
  8.  Click on Open Curriculum, then click Launch on each training module.  As you compete each module your Curriculum Progress will increase.  100% Curriculum Progress indicates you have completed all modules. 


Once you Request the curriculum and Launch the training your previous completion (from prior year) will no longer be visible in your training transcript. 

Your score and complete date will be updated after you complete the training. 



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