What should I know when I become a manager of a Google Group?


Welcome to Google Groups; you are now a manager of a Group!  Below are links for resources to help answer questions you may have and provide an outline of what can be reviewed first.

Membership Management Managing Group Settings & Details
  1. How do I add members to the Group?
  2. How do I delete members from the Group?
  3. How do I know if someone is a member or manager in my Google Group?
  4.     a. Log into the Google Group and click the Members link along the left hand side
        b. Each person will have their role identified in the Role column of the list
  1. What Group settings should I review first?
  2. What topic types are there and how do I select one?
  3. How do I send emails to a Google Group?
  4. What are the limits/quotas for Google Groups?
  5. Where can I find more information about Google Groups?
       a. Please explore the Google Group FAQs
  6. Who should I contact if I no longer need my Google Group or need to change who the manager is?
       a. Please contact the IT Service Desk, 704-687-5500 or help.charlotte.edu.


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