What does each status in NinerWorks mean?

The status indicates where the NinerWorks request is in the application process. A full description of each status is available if you hover over the status description. 
  1. Supersede Pending – A supersede to modify or terminate the NinerWorks request has been submitted.
  2. Pending Hiring Unit Approval – One or more approvers are pending.  Review the approval tracking for this request for more information. 
  3. Pending Grad School Review – (For Graduate Assistantships only) The hiring unit has approved the assistantship application; the Graduate School is reviewing the application.
  4. Pending Correction – The department has asked the request to be corrected; view notes for further details.
  5. Pending HR ApprovalAll prior approvals are complete; HR will review.
  6. Offer Sent to Student – The offer and contract has been emailed to the student but the student has not yet accepted.
  7. Start Date >30 Days – (For Graduate Assistantships only) The Graduate School has received the signed contract, however, the application will not be made available to HR for approval until 30 days prior to the start date.
  8. HR Approved – HR has approved this application; the record will be set up in Banner.
  9. Terminated – The position has been terminated; view the notes for further details.
  10. Disapproved – The request has been disapproved by an approver.  Review the notes in the Approval Tracking Status for more information.
  11. Assistantship Canceled by Department – (For Graduate Assistantships only) The department has asked that this Assistantship be canceled.  See Notes/Justification for further information.
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