How can I get removed from the ResearchStudyAnnouncement-group emails?


  1. Unlike other Google Groups, you will not be able to permanently remove yourself from the ResearchStudyAnnouncement-group and ResearchStudyAnnouncement2-group
         a. The membership of these groups is based on research study criteria that
             is approved by the Institutional Review Board 
         b.Group membership changes frequently as studies are approved - the group
             is purged of members as different studies utilize the group
         c. You may be included in one study and not be included in the next
         d. There is not currently a mechanism in place that would exclude a person
             from being included in a research study list
    Students have the option to withhold "directory information".  Opting to withhold that information will exclude you from inclusion in research studies - contact the Office of the Registrar for more information about this option. 
  2. Filtering in Gmail can be utilized to automatically delete messages sent to either
    the ResearchStudyAnnouncement-group or ResearchStudyAnnouncement2-group
    Google Groups
         a. When logged into your Gmail account, click the gear icon located in the
             upper-right portion of your Gmail screen
         b. Select Settings
    c. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
           d. Select Create a New Filter

            e. Copy and paste the following into the From: field
            f. Click Create filter with this search in the bottom right
           g. Check the Delete It checkbox and click Create filter
               i. If you want the filter to be applied to existing messages that match your criteria, be sure to click
                  the checkbox that says Also apply filter to matching conversations
    Research Announcement Filter Action

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