How do I use Yet Another Mail Merge with a delegated account?


Delegated accounts can be used for sending messages through Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM).

Step   Actions Instructions  
1. Set up Send mail as Follow the instructions in this FAQ to set up Send mail as the delegated account in your personal account  
2. Send your message using YAMM
  1. Draft the email message in your University Gmail (not in the delegated account)
  2. Open a new Google Sheet
         a. If you've already created a template for mail merge, you can open
            that Google Sheet. You may also use this new sheet as a template
            for future mail merges that will require similar information
  3. Format the new Sheet with your desired information
         a. Example: create a column for name, email address, etc.
            Click here for more details about formatting

  4. When the mail merge formatting is complete, click Add-ons >
    Yet Another Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge

  5. The Start Mail Merge box will open - you will need to make the following changes...
         a. Sender Name:  To reflect the delegated account you are using
         b. Email Template:  From a draft message that is in your PERSONAL
         c. Alias, filters, personalized attachments...  Click this link to select
            the Send from: address - click Back when done

  6. Click Send Emails
  7. A progress bar will display until all emails have been sent and the
     confirmationmessage is displayed

         a. Note that a new column will be added to your Google Sheet to show
             Merge status that the email was sent to that recipient.  You will also
             see how many emails remain for the day
  8. Click OK
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