How does a supervisor request temporary access to an employee's Gmail account?

Access may only be requested if the former employee's NinerNET account is inactive AND the employee was never a student.
There are situations when a supervisor might need temporary access to an employee's Gmail account during times of prolonged absences e.g. separated employees or employees out on extended sick leave or vacation.
  1. If possible, the employee should grant access to his/her Gmail account by following this FAQ.  
  2. If the employee is unavailable to grant access themselves AND the former employee's NinerNET account is inactive, the supervisor can request access by submitting the Supervisor Request Form- making sure to answer all questions on the form.
         a. Access to email will be limited to 30 days.
         b. If a supervisor needs access to Dropbox or Google Drive files, every effort should be made to identify
             what files and folders are needed. Transferring entire drives is discouraged because of data privacy
             concerns. Supervisors must confirm there is a legitimate business need for access the information
             and that no personal or personnel information will be shared. Inappropriate use of employee
             information, data or university technology resources may result in University disciplinary actions.
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