How do I view my Migrated Videos in Canvas Studio?

Videos migrated from Kaltura My Media to Canvas Studio can be found under Shared with Me. See steps below on how to access them.

  1. To access migrated videos, go to the main Studio link in the global navigation menu in Canvas
    Go to the main Studio link
  2. You will not see migrated videos in your My Library link
    My Library link
  3. Instead you must navigate to the menu, then click Shared With Me

    Click Shared With Me

  4. Videos in the Shared with Me menu will show Migrated User as the video author. These videos can be embedded on your Canvas pages through the Rich Content Text Editor

    Videos in the Shared with Me menu

  5. Note that the edit options for these shared videos are limited. If you would like to add interactive video quiz questions or annotations, edit the video, or you would like the video to display your name as the author, you must copy the video to your library by using the Copy to My Library option in the menu
  6. This will place a copy of the video in your Canvas Studio My Library

Canvas Studio My Library

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