What is the Respondus LockDown Browser?

  1. Respondus LockDown Browser enables you to lock down the browser that students use during a quiz. Students will not be able to print, copy and paste information, access another web site unless it is part of a quiz question, or access other applications on their computers. Students are essentially locked out of everything and are locked into taking the exam. The Browser increases security and decreases cheating 
  2. The LockDown Browser is installed in many student labs on campus. If students are at home or in a lab where the LockDown Browser is not installed, they will need to download it, which only takes a few minutes
  3. When students use the LockDown Browser to take a quiz, the following features are in effect:
    1. The browser toolbar has only the Forward, Back, Refresh and Stop buttons
    2. Quizzes are displayed in full screen and cannot be minimized, resized or exited until submitted for grading
    3. Students will not be able to print or use key combinations, screen grabs, function keys and right-click menus
    4. The address bar is not visible and students can only access web sites that you have created a link for in quiz questions
    5. The Start button, system tray and menu bars are not displayed; and
    6. Email and messaging applications, word processing software, and network monitoring applications are blocked
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