How do students use Respondus Monitor for a Canvas quiz?

In order to use Respondus Monitor, you must install Respondus LockDown Browser

NOTE:  Respondus LockDown Browser does not work on Chromebook, Android, iOS, Kindle, etc.

  1. Install Respondus LockDown Browser if you haven't already
    1. Follow the directions to install on a Windows computer
    2. Follow the directions to install on a Mac computer
  2. Close all programs on your computer
  3. Open LockDown Browser
    1. Click the LockDown Browser icon on a Windows device
      LockDown Browser icon
    2. Click the LockDown Browser item in the Applications folder on a Mac device
      LockDown Browser in applications
  4. Log in to Canvas using your NinerNET credentials
  5. Access your class and start the quiz

    NOTE:  Please be aware that you will need extra time to complete the Respondus Monitor setup

  6. The LockDown Browser with Monitor opens. Click Accept on the Terms of Use page
    LockDown Browser Terms of Use
  7. Follow the directions for each step of the process. If you need further assistance with the steps, follow the directions to use Respondus Monitor starting with the Using with a WebCam (Respondus Monitor) area
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