Do I need to dial 9 or 1 to get an outside line when calling off campus, long distance or using a fax?

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No, with the change to Zoom Phone, you will no longer need to dial 9 or 1 before the off-campus number you wish to call.

This applies to all Zoom phone uses including physical phones, softphone apps, and fax machines.

  • Simply dial the 10-digit number for local or long-distance calls within the U.S. and Canada.
  • For international calling outside of the U.S. and Canada, dial + and then the number.
    • Example: +442012341234

Fax Line Note: If you did not have to dial 9 or 1 prior to March 13, 2024, the vendor may have hard-coded those digits into the settings and it won't work on Zoom. Please contact the vendor to get this problem fixed. OneIT can not make these changes to the fax machine.


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