Are all employees eligible to receive an allowance for a personally-owned Mobile Communication Device (MCD)?

  1. No. You should only receive an allowance if your job duties require you to maintain a personal device for substantial noncompensatory business reasons and your Supervisor, Department Head, and VC of Business Affairs, if applicable, approve your use of a personally-owned MCD for business purposes.  Reference this FAQ for examples of substantial noncompensatory business reasons.

    This policy does not cover devices that strictly use free wireless services, e.g., iPads that connect via the University's NinerWiFi or eduroam networks.

    MCD equipment charges, including insurance/protection plans, are not covered by this allowance.

    Temporary employees are not generally considered eligible for an MCD allowance and cannot be routed through the electronic approval process.  Contact the Assistant Controller of Tax & Payroll for questions and additional guidance. 

  2. Eligible employees who plan to request an MCD allowance should discuss the request with their Supervisor and Department Head or Delegate (e.g., College/Service Unit Business Officer) prior to submitting the MCD eForm.  
  3. Regardless of eligibility, MCD allowances are at the department's discretion. 


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