What are the deadlines for requesting/renewing a MCD allowance?

New MCD allowance requests

If this is a New MCD allowance or Modification to an existing allowance, please choose an “Allowance Start Date” of either the 1st or 16th of the month. Allow time for all of the following approvals: supervisor, Department Head or Delegate, Vice Chancellor (VC) for Business Affairs (if applicable), and the Assistant Controller - Tax and Payroll.

  1. Approvals must be obtained by the deadlines indicated below for the allowance will be included in the employee's paycheck.

    Start Date

    Approval Deadline

    (Before Payroll Trials)

    Pay Date






    Month End

    All MCD Allowances will automatically end on June 30th of the current fiscal year. If a new employee starts before June 30, and is eligible for a MCD allowance, the MCD Allowance Request Form should be used to establish the New Allowance FIRST.

    Regardless of the date selected, the MCD allowance will be Effective the next pay period, if approvals are completed after the deadline.

Annual renewals

  1. According to University Policy 602.10, Mobile Communication Device (MCD) allowances must be renewed annually. A request form must be approved by the supervisor and Department Head or Delegate by May 31 to be effective for the upcoming fiscal (July 1 - June 30), regardless of whether your area operates on a different fiscal or calendar year.

    If this is a renewal, please leave the defaultAllowance Start Date” of July 1 for the next fiscal year.

    A New MCD Allowance request must be submitted and approved prior to requesting a renewal.

MCD allowances will not be processed retroactively.


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