What action is needed when my Web Time Entry (WTE) approver changes?

A Web Time Entry (WTE) approver is assigned to each WTE employee (non-student temp or student worker).  If the WTE approver changes jobs or moves to another department, a new WTE approver must be assigned before WTE employees can submit their timesheets. Follow the steps below when the WTE approver changes.  

  1. Contact the Business Officer for your department or college and request they submit a NinerWorks request to change the Web Time Entry approver. Refer to this FAQ, How do I change a Web Time Entry (WTE) approver? for detailed instructions.
  2. If you start your timesheet before the WTE approver change is processed, you must have your timesheet returned. 
    1. Email payrolldept@charlotte.edu and request they return your timesheet for correction. 
    2. The WTE timesheet must be returned and then submitted again to route to the new WTE approver.  

If your WTE approver changes jobs or moves to another department, you may not be able to access your timesheet, or you may receive an error when submitting your timesheet. ERROR:  An approvers' job is not active as of the pay period. 

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