How do I set up a proxy in Web Time Entry (WTE)?

NOTE:  As of March 9, 2024  Employee Self Service WTE Add A Proxy function is not working.  Please contact to request WTE Proxy set up or changes.  Updates to Banner will be applied May 25, 2024 to correct this issue.     

WTE proxies should be set up and/or reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. WTE supervisors can set up more than one proxy. WTE supervisors should consult with their business officers regarding departmental best practices for WTE proxies.

  1. Reference the WTE Approver's Guide on the Financial Services website for proxy setup instructions.

       2. Email if the supervisor is out and you need to approve a timesheet (either because no proxy is set up or the proxy is also out).

       3. If the WTE proxy is not currently a WTE approver additional Banner setup is needed.  Payroll staff will coordinate the additional setup with Banner Security Administrators as needed.  

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