What name should be listed in the "Org XXXXX Approver" field on my new or edit purchasing card eforms?

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The new purchasing card (p-card) eform (application for a new card) and the edit p-card form are the only eforms that deal with orgs.

  1. The "Org XXXXX Approver" application approver must be either:  
    1. The financial manager (e.g., department head) of the organization for which this card will be processed, OR
    2. The business officer to whom the department head has delegated this responsibility. 
  2.  Enter this individual's nine-digit UNC Charlotte ID in this field 

    Banner Finance users can use form FTIIDEN to look up an individual's UNC Charlotte ID or you may begin entering their name (Lastname, Firstname) in the Approver field and select it from the list that appears in the imaging system.

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