What gets affected when I change my Google account?

  • ​​​The Google suite will continue to function as usual.
  • Any apps that you had open (either on your computer or mobile device) prior to the change will need to be fully closed and restarted to fully reconnect to your account. Please restart these apps if you notice an issue.
  • (Mobile) Mobile apps appear to continue working however If you use the iPhone native email app, you will need to add the charlotte.edu account in order to send as charlotte.edu.
  • As part of the Google account rename, you may notice that some third-party web applications that you used your Google account (@uncc.edu) to log in to, no longer work.
    • If you used your uncc.edu credentials to log in to a non-university system, you will either need to log in with your old uncc.edu credentials OR temporarily revert the change and update your profile to use your @charlotte.edu credentials. (Each vendor handles this differently. You will need to work with vendors and not the OneIT service desk)
    • Please follow the Revert Account process found in the NinerNet Account management webpage.
      • Go to the NinerNet Account page. (link: https://ninernet.charlotte.edu/)
      • Click Manage Account
      • Log in with your NinerNet credentials.
      • Scroll down to the Having Issues using "Sign In With Google"? section. 
      • Follow the steps to revert back to your @uncc.edu account for 60 minutes.

NOTE: If you choose to revert your account, it may affect the functionality of mobile apps tied to your account. To resolve any issues with mobile apps, you may have to remove and then add back the appropriate account.

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