What does the Google Shared Drive name mean?


  1. Office of OneIT Google Shared Drive administrators use a standard naming convention when creating folders
     - this naming convention allows for...Grouping of common
        a.  Google Shared Drive types (Google lists Shared Drives alphabetically)
        b.  Easy identification of purpose and ownership
  2. Folders should, when possible, include a department name
  3. Examples of Google Shared Drive naming...
        a. dept-<department>-<subdepartment>
            i. Example:  dept-oneit-ce
        b. cmte-<department>-<committee name>
            i. Example:  cmte-oneit-clientfacing
       c. proj-<department>-<project name>
           i. Example:  proj-oneit-itsm
       d. research-<department>-<research project>
           i. Example:  research-biol-DNAstudy
       e. grant-<department>-<grant name>
           i. Example:  grant-econ-financial
If this naming convention doesn't work for your Shared drive, discuss options with Google Shared Drive administrators when requesting a Shared drive.


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