Using Outside Vendors in the Central Web Service


What is the Central Web Service, exactly?

The Central Web Service is a Wordpress Multisite Installation. Most College, Departmental and Divisional sites are housed on this Multisite installation. All sites on the Central Web Service use the same Custom Wordpress Theme, and the same set of plugins.

Can I hire an outside vendor to create, edit or redesign my site within the Central Web Service?

Yes, with some limitations.

Outside vendors can be hired or contracted to create your pages, edit your content, and design content for your site. In order to do this, the Vendor will need a Sponsored Guest Account. Once the vendor has received a Sponsored Guest Account, Web Services can add them as a Site Manager to your Central Web Service site. This will give them the same level of access as any other Site Manager.

What limitation will the vendor have?

What is not allowed

Vendors will not have access / be able to do the following:

  • Vendors cannot add or install themes, plugins or blocks
  • Vendors cannot alter the design of the University Header or Footer or otherwise hide these items

What is possible

The Vendor will have the same access, and the same limitations as any other Site Manager. They will be able to use the Wordpress Menu System to update and change the links in menus. They will be able to use the Block Editor to create pages and news items, directory listings, etc.

They will have a great deal of freedom to create custom layouts and content designs within the Content area. In other words, anything between the University Header and the University Footer will be completely customizable using the Blocks available within the Block Editor. They will also be able to add widgets to various widget regions available within the theme, like the Left and Right Sidebars, as well as other regions.

University Header image

The CWS Theme. Areas outlined in Red cannot be redesigned. Areas outlined in Yellow are editable, but not cannot be redesigned or moved. Areas outlined in Green are widely customizable using the Block editor.

All customizations and designs must follow the UNC Charlotte Brand Identity & Visual Standards.

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