What should I do if I see a file in Google owned by an account with PEND_DELETE in the name?

If a Google account name includes PEND_DELETE as part of the account's given (first) name, that account owner is no longer an active person at UNC Charlotte.  Files owned by PEND_DELETE accounts that are still actively accessed and edited, should be moved to Google Shared drive locations.

If you are seeing the following when accessing a file you normally can edit, the file may be owned by an PEND_DELETE account.
File owned by PEND_DELETE account

  1. Verify the account pending deletion is the OWNER of the file either by what is displayed in Google Drive search results...
    Owner is PEND_DELETE

    You do not need to worry about files showing as Last modified by an account pending deletion as long as it is saved in a Shared drive location.
    Last modified by PEND_DELETE

    ...OR by looking in the Document details - while in the document, click File > Details
    PEND_DELETE in document details

  2. Evaluate if the file needs to be retained...

    1. If NO - no further action needed
    2. If YES - see this FAQ on permissions to move files; see this FAQ on instructions
    3. If you have large amounts of files or folders, contact the IT Service Desk to request the file be moved to a Google Shared drive location


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