What do I need to do prior to requesting PEND_DELETE files be moved by Google Adminstrators?

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Please be aware of the following:

  • Files owned by PEND_DELETE accounts are stored on disabled accounts.  See this FAQ for details.
  • Whenever possible, files should be moved from individual My Drive locations to Shared drive locations.  See this FAQ for instructions.
Step Actions

Create a To-Be-Moved folder in your My Drive

  • When in your My Drive, click the New button and select New folder - name the folder To-Be-Moved

Move all files that should be on a Shared drive to the To-Be-Moved folder

  • From Google Drive:  right click on the file and select Move - navigate to the To-Be-Moved folder
    • Numerous files can be selected at one time by holding the Control key down when clicking files
    • You must have Edit permissions to the file in order to move it
    • Sub-folders will need to be manually created
  • From the file itself:  click File and select Move - navigate to the To-Be-Moved folder
3 Once you have moved all needed files into the To-Be-Moved folder, submit a ticket to have the folder/files moved to a Shared drive


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