When will files owned by PEND_DELETE accounts be deleted?

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If a Google account name includes PEND_DELETE as part of the account's given (first) name, that account owner is no longer an active person at UNC Charlotte.  Files owned by PEND_DELETE accounts that are still actively accessed and edited, should be moved to Google Shared drive locations.  See this FAQ for more information.

Future actions on accounts labeled with PEND_DELETE are dependent on the role of the person when active at the University.  See the below table.

Faculty Accounts & associated data WILL NOT be deleted
Staff Accounts & associated data WILL NOT be deleted
Affiliate (Sponsored Guest) Accounts & associated data WILL NOT be deleted

Student - including...

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Student employees

Accounts & associated data WILL be deleted

  • Students generally retain access to their accounts for approx. 1 year after last enrollment
  • Student accounts will be deleted approx. 1 year after being disabled (starting in 2024)
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