How do I set up voicemail for a Common Area (Generic Department) phone?

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  1. You must contact the Service Desk and request that a voicemail box be enabled for a common area (generic department) line and who should have access to it (access can be granted to an individual or a shared line group).
  2. The service desk will also be able to set up the outgoing greeting and call-handling options.
  3. Once the Voicemail box has been enabled, anyone with access to the VM box can check voicemail. However, you will not be able to record a custom greeting or set up call-handling options.
    To check voicemail from a physical phone:
    1. Press *86
    2. Enter the PIN  (If you don't know the PIN contact the OneIT Service Desk)
    3. Press #
    4. Choose the appropriate menu option


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