How do I check Zoom phone voicemail when I am away from my physical phone?

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Checking your dedicated phone voicemail:

  1. Check your email for a voicemail transcript and recording. Zoom phone will automatically forward all voicemail to your email account for dedicated extensions.
  2. Check the Zoom client on a computer:
    1. click on Phone 
    2. click on Voicemail.

Checking common area (generic department) phone voicemail:

As long as a voicemail box has been set up (see this FAQ), the same options are available for common area (generic department) phones.

To check the voicemail for a shared line:

  1. Open the Zoom client
  2. Click on Voicemail
  3. Click on the dropdown by All Voicemail
  4. Choose Line
  5. Choose the Line you want to check


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