What are some things I can do to clean up my Gmail?

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All items in your mailbox contribute to the overall size of your Gmail account.  The following are some actions that can be taken in Gmail to bulk delete some common emails.


  • Emails deleted by you will be moved to Trash.  Emails in Trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • It is recommended that you DO NOT empty your Trash manually, but let Google delete the messages after 30 days.  Emails permanently deleted (either after 30 days in Trash or when manually emptying Trash), are not recoverable.
  • University Policy 605.3 regarding Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records should be reviewed prior to deleting data.  University Archives provides additional guidance on this topic.
Email Type Action to be Taken
Invitation emails sent by you
  1. In search Gmail field type:
    from:me subject:(Invitation:)
  2. Select and delete messages as appropriate
"Out of Office" emails sent by you
  1. Go to your Gmail settings (Gear icon > See all settings)
  2. In the Vacation Responder section, note/copy the Subject you use for emails automatically sent when Vacation Responder is enabled
  3. Click Cancel at the bottom to get out of your Gmail settings
  4. In the Gmail search field type:
    from:me subject:(
  5. Select and delete messages as appropriate
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