How do I sign up for my University Adobe Creative Cloud account?

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NOTE: All faculty and staff are able to sign up for their Adobe (enterprise) account using their email address. Adobe Creative Cloud is not available to students but the software is installed in the Library and in many labs.

You only need to sign up for the first time you access Adobe Creative Cloud; any future login can follow these steps for personal or University computers.

  1. Go to and click Sign Up.
    Adobe signup button
  2. Enter your NinerNET credentials and click Log In

    Do not use an email alias e.g. use your actual email address

    NinerNet login page


  3. A confirmation page will display with a link to You should also receive an email notification to your University email account confirming that you have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise apps; no need to follow the "install an app yourself" link in the email.  View this FAQ for installation instructions. 
    Adobe Creative Cloud account created message
    Adobe CC confirmation message
  4. Click the link to and click Sign In in the upper right.
    Sign in screenshot
  5. Enter your NinerNet email address and click Continue
    Screenshot of login page
  6. If prompted select Company or School Account
    Screenshot of Company or School Account
  7. The homepage for your account will be displayed.
  8. To install software, follow these steps for personal or University computers.


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