What is Amazon's AWS Educate and who can use it?

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INFO: In order to ensure AWS Educate meets your needs and appropriate design considerations are taken into account, please consult with Jesse Beauman, Assistant Vice Chancellor For Enterprise Infrastructure, in the Office of OneIT, prior to signing up for AWS Educate.

  1. AWS Educate provides students and educators with the Amazon resources needed to accelerate cloud-related learning activities. AWS Educate gives access to Amazon's cloud computing, storage, networking and database services for free. 
  2. Faculty and students receive free credits to access Amazon services. Faculty receive $200 in credit and students receive $100.
  3. Faculty and students are able to sign up for an AWS Educate account.
  4. Students without access to a credit card are encouraged to sign up for an AWS Educate Starter account and take advantage of the free credits..
  5. Visit this FAQ for information about logging in.
  6. See AWS Educate FAQs for more information.
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