What is Apporto?

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  1. Apporto provides faculty and students access to VIRTUAL applications stored in the Cloud.
    1. Since the applications are stored in the cloud, it is not on your local computer and can be accessed anytime from any device.
    2. Apporto provides a consistent experience no matter what hardware you are using.
    3. Apporto is helpful for doing homework and not having to come on-campus to use a lab or install the applications on your computer.
  2. Specialized software is available in Apporto e.g. SAS, RStudio, etc.
  3. To get started:
    1. Faculty should contact the IT Service Desk, 704-687-5500, to request Apporto for a course
    2. Students must be enrolled in one of these courses; your faculty member will let you know if this is the case.
    3. You can access Apporto at apporto.charlotte.edu, see this FAQ for more details.

Apporto's FAQs are available online.

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