How do I print from my Workstation (PaperCut)?

Sending your print job from your University workstation

Use this guide to print from your workstation to a device that has a card reader installed.

Most departments that use REPROS printers and multifunction devices have a software called PaperCut MF installed to handle printing. In order to use PaperCut to print, you must have your 49er Mobile ID to release the print job at the machine.

Some departments allow direct printing, which allows faculty and staff to print without tapping their 49er Mobile ID. 

If you are on campus, and you would like to print from a University computer, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the computer using your NinerNet username and password.
  • Click Print within the desired application.
  • Select printREPROS as your printer, and select Print. The Print Job Notification window will appear, giving you the option to charge to a personal account or charge to a shared account. Select the option you prefer and select Print.

papercut print job notification screenshot

  • You will receive a notification that your job is ready to be released at a multifunction device.
  • Go to the printer or multi-function device that you wish to pick up your printing from, and tap your 49er Mobile ID on the card reader. If your department device does not have a card reader installed, your print job should release automatically, and you do not have to follow any of the steps below.
  • Select the print job that you would like to print, and then select Print all.
  • When you are finished, be sure to select Log out to exit. 

Still have questions?

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