What is DocuSign?

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See this DocuSign overview video

All NinerNET accounts can create and send ad hoc documents for e-signatures using docusign.charlotte.edu.

  1. DocuSign is a nationally recognized leader in the field of eSignature providers.
  2. It allows users to electronically route documents and gather signatures using any web browser.
  3. UNC Charlotte DocuSign use is for University business only.
  4. Completed documents are retained in the UNC Charlotte DocuSign system indefinitely.
  5. Incomplete/abandoned documents initiated within the UNC Charlotte DocuSign system are automatically voided after 365 days.
  6. Customized templates can be created by the Imaging & Workflow team by following the instructions in this FAQ.
  7. Additional information about DocuSign:
    1. Federal law recognizes eSignatures as legally binding
    2. For questions regarding the legality of eSignatures via DocuSign please visit DocuSign eSignature Legality
    3. For information on DocuSign security please visit DocuSign Security
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