What terminology changes should I be aware of when using Concur?

Concur introduces new terminology that users should familiarize themselves with before Concur goes live in August 2024. University guidance will be updated to reflect these changes. Please take note of the following terminology changes:

Concur terminology changes
Current Term(s) Concur Term(s)
Travel Authorization (TA) Travel Request
Per Diem Meal, GSA Meal Rate Tier, Subsistence  Travel Allowance
Travel Reimbursement & Expense Report (TRER), Mileage & Transportation Reimbursement (MTR), and the Bank of America (BOA) Works Reconciliation Expense Report
Organization and Fund Code Cost Object
Organization and Fund where expenses or an entire report is charged Allocate or Allocation
None. This is not to be confused with delegated authority for travel reimbursements, which will no longer be necessary once Concur is live. *Delegate

* In Concur, a delegate is a user who is granted permission to act on behalf of another user to perform tasks such as creating travel requests or creating and approving expense reports

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