What will the meal reimbursement rates be when Concur goes live?

  1. Effective with Concur's launch in August 2024, the system will calculate the location-specific travel allowance (formerly per diem meal rate tier) using the full US General Services Administration (GSA) lodging and meal rates set at the federal level.
  2. The first and last day of travel will automatically be calculated at 75% of a full-day allowance. This eliminates the current determination based on tiers and departure and return times. Travelers will still have the flexibility to remove meals provided during their trip that are not eligible for reimbursement.

Until Concur is live, continue to use the current per diem GSA meal rate tiers for meal costs based on GSA rates. For detailed guidance on subsistence and to verify current rates, please refer to the Travel Manual. Current rates are also on the Rates tab of the Travel Forms Package.

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