How Do I Install AwareManager on a University-Owned Mac?

The following steps will allow you to install AwareManager on your university-owned Mac computer. For Windows PC instructions, please see How Do I Install AwareManager on a University-Owned PC?.

AwareManager may be installed from Self-Service if the Mac is a part of the SAIT Site in Jamf.

NOTE: If you do not see AwareManager in Self-Service, please create a ticket to request further assistance.


Installing AwareManager via Self-Service

  1. Navigate to Self-Service from the Dock or from the Applications tab in Finder.

    Self-Service Applications
  2. Locate AwareManager, and click Install/Reinstall.

    install button below application name and icon
  3. Once the software is launched, sign in to verify that it worked.

    sign in
  4. Once the installation has been completed, verify that the AwareManager.jar alias(shortcut) was created in the Applications folder (Finder>Go>Applications).

    installed application appears under  your Appications folder
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