How do students transfer email and files from their University Google accounts to personal Google accounts?

Students can copy email and Google Drive files from their University Google account to another Google Account using Google's Transfer your content

The below process makes a copy of email and/or Google Drive files from your UNC Charlotte Google account to a personal Google account. The emails and files are not deleted from your University account.
For Google Drive files, sharing permissions for files and folders are not copied during this process. Files will need to be shared again as needed.

1.  Log in to with your NinerNET username and password

a.  Once logged in, click the Google Account button (1) then Manage your Google Account (2)

b.  In the Transfer your content box, click Start transfer

2.  Enter the Google Account that you want to transfer your content to and click SEND CODE

3.  Check the personal account you entered for an email from Google.  In the email, click the Get confirmation code

4.  A confirmation code will be generated

5.  Copy the confirmation code and paste/type into the Enter code field - click VERIFY

6.  Once verified, choose the content you want to transfer and click START TRANSFER

7.  Email and files will begin transferring immediately - time to completion will depend on the number of items

8.  Transferred email will be labeled Moved YYYY-MM-DD Time

9.  Transferred Drive files will be in a folder named with the email address and date of transfer


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