Does Google Workspace keep my data private and secure?

  1. Yes. Google has a strict privacy policy for Goggle Workspace

a. They do not share, monitor or use UNC Charlotte’s data.
b  All data is owned by the University, not Google
c. They only keep our data as long as UNC Charlotte requires
d. Google does not sell Google Workspace data to third parties
e. Google does not share personal information placed in their systems with third parties, except in the few
    exceptional circumstances such as they are required to do so by law

f. There is no advertising with Google Workspace

        2. Relevant Google policies and documentation are linked below:

a. Google Acceptable Use Policy
b. How Google Handles Your Data
c.  Security
d.  Google's Privacy Policy
e.  Google's Privacy FAQs

         3. To review your UNC Charlotte account's privacy settings:

a. Login to
b. Click on the grid on the right hand side
c. Choose My Account
d. Find Privacy Checkup
e. Click on Get Started
f.  Review and personalize the settings
g. Click Next to review all settings
h. Click Back To My Account

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