When does my NinerNET account expire?

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  1. See the table below to see when your NinerNET account expires or gets disabled
Account Type Grace Period

EHRA Faculty

(12-month, 9-month, Phased Retirement, Retired, Part-Time, Summer School)

150 Days after contract end date
Emeritus (Faculty & Staff) Accounts do not expire - see this FAQ for access changes
Non-Paid Adjunct Faculty 10 Days after contract end date
Recently Graduated Student Account expires 365 days after graduation

Account expiration varies based on several factors.  Typically, accounts expire after two sequential semesters of no registration.  Students receive a notice 7 days before the account is disabled

Post Doc Students 150 days after contract end date
Full and part time SHRA and EHRA Staff No grace period, access ends when contract ends
Temporary SHRA Staff 30 day grace period
Sponsored Guests Last day of account request, no grace period


Account types not listed in the table above will be disabled on their last day of employment.

If a student graduates in December but their last course enrollment was over the Summer, expiration is based on last course enrollment.



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