When does a student's NinerNET account get disabled/deleted?

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Deletion of disabled student accounts and related data will begin in January 2024. Student accounts will be deleted ~2 years from last enrollment.
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Account Created

Account provisioned when a student is admitted to UNC Charlotte

  • See this FAQ for more information on activating your NinerNET account
Account Disabled

Account expiration varies based on several factors.  Typically, accounts expire after two sequential semesters of no registration.  Students receive a notice 7 days before the account is disabled

  • After your NinerNET account is disabled, you will no longer have access to University email and other University services
  • Once an account is disabled, former students can access transcripts and W2s by following the instructions below:
  • See this FAQ for common actions to take prior to your account being disabled
Account Deleted

Approximately 1 year after a student's account is disabled, the account and all related data will be deleted

  • Deleted accounts and related data is not recoverable


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