What should students do with electronic information (email, files etc.) when leaving UNC Charlotte?

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Please see this FAQ for specific information regarding how long you will have access to your NinerNET account.

Transcripts WILL remain available. Learn more at the Niner Central Order Transcripts webpage.

After your NinerNET account is disabled, you will no longer have access to University email and other University services. As you prepare for your accounts to be disabled and to ensure you have access to important emails, files, etc., consider the following tips:
  1. While your University account is active, forward new email to another account - follow this FAQ for instructions

    The forward will stop working when your account is disabled.
  2. Update important contacts like banks, prospective employers, and friends with a personal email address that will be retained after your University accounts are disabled
  3. Transfer your contact list to a personal account - follow this FAQ for instructions
  4. Transfer email and Google drive files you would like to keep from your University account to a personal Google account - follow this FAQ for instructions
  5. Student employees and researchers:
    a. Review Google Drive and Dropbox files used for work or research and change ownership as needed
    b. If you do not have a personal Dropbox account, click here to sign up for free 

  6. Determine if you need any information from Canvas courses, download and store in a personal account


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