How does a supervisor request access to a former employee's NinerNET account?

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NinerNET credentials give access to a variety of computing systems including Banner, Gmail, GCal, Google Drive, Dropbox, Canvas, Network Drives (H/S/J). 

For business continuity purposes, a supervisor may request access to a former employee's NinerNET account as long as the former employee:

  • Is no longer associated with the university and does not have an active NinerNET account.
  • The request is being made within 30 days of departure.
  • Was NEVER a student.
  1. Supervisors should submit the Supervisor Request Form.
         a. Supervisors may request access to a former employee's Gmail, Gcal, Google Drive and Dropbox data.
         b. Access will be granted for no more than 30 days.
         c. During that time, supervisors should export/transfer data ownership as needed. 
  2. If the former employee is an active student or has moved to a different department, the supervisor should discuss options directly with the former employee.

         a. OneIT will not be able to grant access since the account is still active.
  3. When an employee separates from the university, the NinerNET account becomes disabled; the exact timing varies based on employee role. See this FAQ for more details.

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