How are Google applications supported at UNC Charlotte?

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  1. The Google Workspace Core Apps are fully supported; training, documentation and desktop support are available.

a. Core Apps are covered by UNC Charlotte’s agreement with Google.
b. Core Apps have a number of contractual protections related to the Family Educational Rights and
    Privacy Act of 1972 (FERPA), intellectual property, confidentiality, and data security.

c. Google has also made contractual commitments to omit advertisements from these services.
d. These services are subject to University appropriate use guidelines and electronic records policies
this FAQ for more details).
e. The Google Workspace Core Apps are: Gmail, Contacts, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Drive,
    Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Groups, Google Sites,
    and Google Keep.

       2.  Google Consumer Apps have limited support; they can be downloaded and installed and troubleshooting is
            limited to best effort.

a. Consumer Apps are additional apps governed by a different contract between individuals and Google.
   Google terms of service and privacy policy).
b. These apps have been developed by Google but are not subject to the same protections as the
    Workspace Core Apps.

c. Many of these apps require connections to university email, calendars, Google Drive, or other
    data which could put University information resources at risk for potential exposure.

d. In order to ensure the protection of university information, the Office of OneIT will review requests
    from faculty and staff to enable additional apps.
e. Because these consumer apps are not subject to the same agreements as the Workspace Core Apps,
    non-public university information should NEVER be stored in any Google Consumer app.

       3.  Marketplace Apps are not supported.

a. Marketplace Apps are third-party apps designed by vendors to integrate with Google and are
    available in Google Apps Marketplace.

b. The ability to download Marketplace Apps is disabled because they often require access to
    Gmail, Calendar, Drive, or other data which could put University data at risk.

c. Google Marketplace Apps can be requested here.
d. Google Marketplace Apps that have been approved are listed in this FAQ.

        4.  Chrome Apps and Extensions are not supported.

                      a. Chrome Apps and Extensions are available for download and enhance Chrome browser functionality.
b. Consider checking with your Information Security Liaison prior to installing Chrome Apps or
                          extensions since these tools may access confidential or sensitive university information and
                          pose security risks.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is not enabled as a Google Workspace Core App. Canvas is the supported Learning Management System at UNC Charlotte.

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