What happens to a Google account if a student employee leaves their position?

Below is a table that outlines details about what happens, or should happen, with a University Google Drive data if a student employee leaves.

Student Employee Leaves

1.  Access to Google Workspace Apps remains based on grace period
2.  Department Gmail
     a. Full Generic Account: The department should change the password
     b. Limited Generic Accounts: A request needs to be made to the Office of OneIT for access to be removed
3. Department Calendar:
a. The department should remove access rights to any departmental calendars shared
     b. If the student used personally created calendars for department use, student should
         change ownership to calendars before departure
 4. Google Drive
     a. Ownership should be transferred for any documents created for the department


It may be helpful to not have students create documents but rather edit them. This helps reduce the need to change ownership when they leave employment.



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