How do I upload my content into Appspace?

NOTE:  Only digital signage content administrators will be able to login Appspace.  See this article for a list of digital signage administrators by department.

  1. Login to Appspace
  2. To start, you may either go to the Quick Actions menu in the upper right OR navigate to the Library on the left side of the screen and then click UPLOAD.
    Appspace Quick Action
    Appspace Library Upload
  3. Drag and drop files from your file explorer into the Appspace window, or click on Browse to search your computer for them.
    Appspace File Upload
    NOTE:  Review the What file types can I upload to Appspace? FAQ for information on supported file types that can be uploaded to Appspace.
  4. Next, expand the Settings menu on the right.
    File Upload Settings
  5. Set the Library location in which you would like to store your content.
    • If the content pertains to all faculty/staff, select Faculty Facing Content to automatically schedule the slide on all fac/staff-facing displays.
    • If the content pertains to all students, select Student Facing Content to automatically schedule the slide on all student-facing displays.
    • If the content pertains only to your department, select your department's name to place it in your Private Library
      common library
    • Review the Where do I save my content within Appspace? for additional information on saving your content to the correct location in Appspace.
  6. Select a date for automatic deletion.

    It is strongly advised to set an automatic deletion date on your content to keep old/stale content from building up in the Common Library.

    Auto Delete Content

  7. When finished, click Save in the upper right corner.
    Save Content Changes

Your content is now uploaded!

  • It will typically populate on the screens almost immediately but sometimes may take an hour or two.
  • If your content was uploaded to your department's private library, you may need to schedule it to your department's channel(s).
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