What is the Private Library in Appspace?

The Private Library is the repository of content that will be exclusively used by your department - whether it is slides, cards, or branding assets.

  1. The Private Library is accessible through the Library option on the main menu.
    Appspace menu

    NOTE:  Once in the Library, you will see a code for your University division and college or sub-division. This code is the root of your Private Library.

  2. Within the library, there may be folders for your department among others in your university sub-division.
    In the example below, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has many departments that will all be using Appspace, thus they each have a folder.

    Private Library example

    NOTE:  Please be courteous to your fellow coworkers and work only within your folder and do not pollute the root of your private library.

    Additional Information:

    • Creators can learn more about uploading content to the Private Library here.
    • Sign administrators can find more information about scheduling content here.
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