How do I schedule content on my Channel(s)?

When your department was first onboarded to Appspace, we may have pre-scheduled a folder called "Shown" in your department's private library/folder, however more can be customized.

  1. From the Appspace Dashboard, open the menu and click on Channels
    Appspace Menu
  2. Click the Channel you wish to edit - Appspace presents us with all of the content that is currently scheduled on the channel
    Channel detail

    NOTE:  If you encounter a permissions issue regarding channels, please make sure you select your department's location from the dropdown next to the Quick Action menu.  To permanently set your home location to that of your department, please see the How do I set my Home Location in Appspace? article.

  3. There are two ways to schedule content to a channel:  direct allocation and folder allocation.  In the screenshot below, you can see that both are being used:
    1. Folder allocated items have the names of their folder under the name of the content item
    2. Direct allocated items show by the lack of a folder number underneath it (as shown with "Green Weather")
      Allocation Types
  4. To schedule new content
    1. Click the + Add button
    2. The resulting menu gives you the option to create or upload new content or select from existing
    3. Click Browse Library.
      Add Content
  5. Hovering over a content item or folder reveals a circle that can be clicked to select that item for scheduling - once you have made your selections, click Add
    Appspace view
  6. Appspace will process the selection and you will be returned to the "Edit" menu - your new content should be visible
  7. To remove an allocation:
    1. To remove a folder allocation, click on the pencil next to the folder name, and click Remove
      Folder Allocation Edit
    2. To remove a direct allocation, locate the item in the library, click on its more ... menu, and then click Remove
      Appspace View
  8. You can edit the transition effect, aspect ratio, and content duration from the settings menu in the upper-right corner of the edit menu

    Transition EffectContent Duration
    See the Aspect Ratio FAQ for details on that setting.

  9. When you are finished allocating content, you can check out what it will look like in the Preview menu:
    Appspace Preview

Your content changes are now live.

NOTE:  Appspace pushes changes made to channels immediately and the displays should update in a matter of minutes, but may sometimes take upwards of an hour.

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